The 10 Best Ways To Lose Body Fat With Weight Training


In previous posts from The Body Camp we have talked about the importance of not setting NYE resolutions.Instead focusing on daily habits and incorporating these into our daily lifestyles.

Remember ……….”If it jiggles – it’s fat!”

With weight training and body weight training being the best way to turn your body into a fat burning machine, here are 10 ways to keep up the momentum in January and keep it exciting and sexy….

1. Variety is the spice of life

Confusing the muscles into action with different styles of exercise, including dumbbells, barbells, kettle bells and basic body weight training (push ups, squats etc) really pushes the body into developing itself to handle the new imposed demands placed upon it – therefore growing new muscle and putting to the test the fatty areas of the body.

2. Increase the weight on each set

When your weight training and performing 10-20 reps, simply increase the weights you are using on each set. This way, the muscles simply have to learn to get stronger and the result is more tone and a sexier, sleek look.

3. Perform all reps strictly with slow form

When using weights or your own body, slow down the reps and feel the burn. By performing all the exercises strictly, you will reduce the risk of injury and find yourself in more control of the movement.

4Perform more reps with the same weight

By performing more reps with the same weight or body weight, you build a bigger base. This means that over the long term, you can handle more weight because your body quickly adapts to it and as a result you begin to burn more fat, even when resting.

5. Take less recovery time between sets

Between sets, begin to change the rest time. For example – if you usually perform one set of ten reps then rest for one minute, the next time do ten reps take but take only thirty seconds rest instead of one minute.

6. Increase the number of exercises

If you normally do four exercises for chest (for example – chest press, push ups, incline barbell press and cable cross overs) do six instead (add dumbbell pull overs and flys) to ensure the muscles get the maximum workout possible.

7. Use circuit training

Perform 30-60 seconds of weight training or bodyweight training and take small breaks of 30 seconds in between each set of exercises to make sure all the muscles in the body receive maximum blood flow and feel the pump – thus increasing the chances of burning fat.

8. Use cardio in between body weight or weight training exercises.

By performing a sprint on the spot for 1 minute, followed an exercise like push ups for 1 minute, you will be switching between the cardiovascular system and the muscular system within the body – a sure fire way to burn fat. In fact latest studies suggest you burn fat 24-48 hours after this kind of training, compared to a normal jog (the burn lasts 6-8 hours for this)

9. Tri Drop sets

Whilst lifting weights, begin with performing less reps with more weight. Once you can’t do anymore, stop, reduce the weight but do more reps. When you can’t do anymore, stop. Then the final time stop, reduce the weight and perform even more reps – what fun!

10. Go to failure

When performing a weight training or body weight exercise, perform as many reps as you can before you just simply…fail! It’s extreme but when you do this once a while, it takes you to the next level and helps reduce body fat by using up fatty deposits.

Always Remember ……….”If it jiggles – it’s fat!!!!!!”

Rick Parcell

Master Coach




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