Looking for a tasty Christmas gift, but tired of sickly-sweet fudge that traditionally accompanies this season?

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Roasted Pear and Almond Porridge

When we need something sustaining and warming for breakfast, this is what we make. It’s always a hit with our guests – and now you can make it, too. Read more >


The Central Nervous System

Stress is becoming the no 1 “dis-ease” of our century! Knowledge is power and the more we learn about the nervous system, the more we realise how important it is to keep it balanced in order to have optimal health, physically and emotionally. Read more >

Why you should travel solo this year

Travelling solo can be the most amazing experience for so many people but can also feel a little scary. Trips to Bali, Australia and New Zealand are becoming commonplace with many opting for a solo pilgrimage to places far and wide. Read more >

Boundaries in the New Year

“Learning to say NO and when to say YES in the New Year!!”

Saying one word brings HUGE personal power into our lives – NO!

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