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The Best Plant Based Protein Sources

In today’s blog, we are looking at plant based protein sources.

At The Body Camp our nutrition plan is 80% plant based and 20% chicken and fish – dairy and sugars are also replaced with natural alternatives, such as almond/coconut milk. Why? Because we find with this type of nutrition, most people do not have any reactions or allergies to it and secondly, the plant based diet plan, (for example – unlike juicing for 7 days) is easily transferable and sustainable in everyday life. Read more

11 Benefits of Exercise In The Summer Months

The top 11 Benefits of exercise outdoors in the summer months…..

At  we are the earliest retreat to open in Ibiza (Mar – Oct) each year. This is due to a high demand for our fun and challenging weeks from guests all across the world. One concern a small minority have about attending the camp in the summer is the heat. This is never a problem because we use it in an intelligent way.

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Ten Reasons To Do It Doggie Style

At, all guests get the honour of living with our infamous dog “Rebel” for seven healthy and mindful days – he is our mascot, leader and reminder how to live life to the full! He is a daily reminder to everyone at the villa that behaving like a dog is one of the best ways we can live our life.

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10 Reasons to Eat a High Plant Based Diet.

At, 80% of our delicious nutrition that we serve to 20 guests every week, is plant based. We include protein from chicken, fish, eggs and a little goats milk dairy (better than cows milk). We also replace cow’s milk with nut milks. This is because we believe being as close as you can to natural food, natural exercise and close to nature is what life is all about! Here are 10 reasons why a mainly plant based diet and getting closer to nature works. Read more

Surf’s Up: The Brain Waves

Our brain is an incredible computer, which – when used in the correct fashion – can achieve just about anything! Becoming aware of the brain waves we experience can lead to a new understanding of how to tap into the mind’s power and unleash its potential.

Today, in this blog from, we will find out what its like to ride each of the brain waves and breakdown what they mean to us when we surf them….

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Mind Map for Success

What is your definition of success? Where does it lead to and what path are you on? What obstacles are going to be in your way? How will you respond? What’s your “response-ability” like to outside events along the road? Here at in Ibiza, one of the many things we look at in the first few days is a “Mind Map”. This guide for your brain will help you to success for the year.

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Escaping Victim Thinking

At in Ibiza we are very privileged to meet many guests from various different countries. People soon realise the importance of taking ownership of their life and how they make key decisions – especially after our mindful talks on behaviour. They begin to understand that blaming external events or other people for the way they feel is pointless as these factors are all out of their sphere of control. Bottom line, only you control the way you feel and not understanding that is called “Victim Thinking”.

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Pain IS Growth

In today’s blog, we will cover pain, what it actually means and how, sometimes, pain can be growth. After all, good judgement comes from experience and experience often comes from bad judgement. Forgive yourself, learn a lesson and move forward…

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Did your New Year’s Resolutions last?

Your New Year’s Resolutions… Remember those? So often, we begin the year with a promise or two and, by March, almost of those promises have been broken at least a few times over.

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Values – What Are Yours?

Values are very important, as they influence our daily decision making and are the source of our principles and what matters to us. 

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Which COMFORT or emotional support tool do you use – in times of need? Read more

Latin Dance Class Video

One of our most popular sessions at The Body Camp, you can’t fail to have a good time at one of Ali’s dance classes. Joining in will make you feel alive and bring a big smile to your face. She always picks the best music too. Go on, try it at home….

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The Body Camp Coffee Break Yoga Video

This yoga session, coming to you from The Body Camp, is perfect for those of you who are working at your desk all day and want to relieve the tension in your shoulders, neck and arms. You can do this coffee break yoga session sitting at your desk…

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A Guided Meditation Video

Part of our new Youtube Channel video series bringing a little of The Body Camp into your home. Featuring meditation, yoga, fitness and cookery demos from our resident nutritional chef, Ben Whale.

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10 BCDC FOR 2017

2017 is here! In this month’s blog we are going to go against tradition and finally put an end to all New Year’s Resolutions! Read more

Hawaii Five – 0

At Christmas time, people can feel less motivated when it comes to their fitness plans and workouts and can struggle in general. Read more

Sugar is the New Fat

Here are ten you need-to-know items about sugar from Europe’s hottest new retreat, The Body Camp. Read more

The Six Most Common Self Sabotage Excuses!

1. “I don’t have time to exercise.” 

You may be busy, and you may have a lot of responsibilities, but we all have the same amount of time – all the time there is: 24 hours a day. Read more

Six Tips to Keeping in Shape When You Travel

  1. Set a goal to come home in better shape than when you left.

This is the key to it all: The next time you travel, a time when most people surrender to stress, fast food and busy schedules, set a goal to come back in better shape than when you left.

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Cardio for Fat Burning

There are MANY ways to do cardio to burn fat and all of them have their place at certain times for certain people…..

HIIT is sprints or burst training, are also known as High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT for short. Read more

The Four Levels of Accountability

The four levels of accountability are here for your future success!

Accountability is a MASSIVE leverage factor in achieving any kind of success, whether in business or in a wellness and health programme. Read more

Make it Stick

We meet people who visit Ibiza, to spend valuable time at They want to make permanent changes to their lifestyle after visiting us. Read more

The Best Ten Ways to Set Your Goals

1. Set big goals that challenge you

It’s ok if your goal scares you a little. In fact, if your goal isn’t scary and exciting at the same time, your goal is too small. Read more

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation in today’s busy world of information, texts, emails and busy lives, has never been so important. Here in this article, The Body Camp Master Coach, Ricky Parcell, writes about the topic. Read more