The Body Camp Cookery School

The Art and Health Benefits of Plant Based Eating

Further Dates To Be Announced in 2019

London Based Cookery Workshop Weekends.

Our cookery courses are taught by Ben Whale, our Body Camp Head Chef and Partner and Sarmado Sibley, a raw food and plant-based chef, who has many years of experience in this field.

Ben was a professional chef for 12 years, gaining many restaurants rosettes and rave reviews, then re-trained in nutrition, which is now his main focus. He has become a highly regarded Plant Based Creative Chef and believes that every food choice is an opportunity to redirect your health, your body composition, your performance and of course your well being from the inside out.

Sarmado started off his career working in Michelin starred kitchens and then discovered plant-based cooking in India, which incorporated the healing benefits of food. He was hooked and has gone on to develop a career cooking and teaching the raw food, plant-based lifestyle. He regularly works with us at The Body Camp and is a contributor to our new Cook Book, coming soon.

Spaces are limited to 25 per weekend.

The course teaches practical plant based cookery sessions and includes:

  • Eating for optimum health
  • Replacement protein options
  • How to incorporate super foods and their benefits
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts & snacks
  • Q & A session
  • Lots of tasting and eating

Example weekend: 5 Hours Per Day

Saturday 10am – 3pm

10:00 Intro discussion on plant based eating
11:00 Make & eat lunch
12:00 Q & A with lattes and treats
13:00 Make and take away dinner
15:00 Finish

Sunday 10am – 3pm

10:00 Plant based brunch & eat
11:00 Talk on nutritional benefits of super foods
12:00 Meal planning for weight loss or maintenance
13:00 Easy fast dinner & take away
14:00 Make delicious plant-based desserts
15:00 Finish

Plant-based eating and eating for optimum health has had a new surge of interest in the mainstream media and veganism has become not only trendy, but a conscious lifestyle choice being mindful of what we eat.

What was once judged as a hippy trend with ideas that this could be detrimental to your health, has become one of the hottest ways of eating on the planet. Educating ourselves on the origins of our food and how it effects us and the planet, is becoming a high priority for many people, from both a health and ethical perspective.

Conscious eating and increasing your plant-based intake, that not only tastes incredible but benefits your health, is the concept behind The Body Camp Cookery School.

Plant based eating has hit trend but who actually knows how to make delicious plant based food that tastes incredible and benefits your health for a balanced diet? Who is qualified to teach you and deliver exceptional workshops?

Our professional chefs at The Body Camp have trained with the best. They have had many years of experience delivering top plant-based menus and workshops to hundreds of our guests, as well as coming from professional kitchen backgrounds, studying nutrition and attending working seminars in LA with the most forward thinking chefs, holistic doctors and doctors from across the globe.

We bring you the skills and ideas you need for the maximum health benefits you will gain from increasing your plant-based diet, with methods and practical workshops where you will learn how to feed yourself and your family for optimum health. It will change the way you eat, look and feel forever.

Cheaper, healthier, ridiculously easy and delicious lifestyle choices.