Careers and Volunteer Programme 


We are looking for fun, open, flexible and deeply passionate Trainers and Coaches that are fully certified and insured, with practised training methods based on a holistic approach and a back to nature lifestyles.

The Body Camp trainers must be NLP certified and confident to lead group discussions on a variety of health issues, preferably from an ex-services background or have exceptional group training experience and qualifications.

You will be able to deliver a diverse, fun, exciting, challenging  programme, designed by our Head Master Coach and are expected to fully bring your own huge amount of fun and games to the party.

Our trainers and coaches need to have a great positive energy for high intensity sessions and genuinely care about peoples’ health, fitness and happiness. All training is outdoors.

If you feel that’s you and get excited at the prospect of joining us, please send your CV and a covering letter explaining why you would be a great member of The Body Camp family and what you can personally add to the team.

DO NOT APPLY IF:  You have an ego, have only gym based experience, u like to follow the crowds, have no sense of humour or lack in character.

Were looking for open,  kind,  quirky characters, big personalities and hard workers that think outside the box and someone not afraid to whack on some fancy dress and fire off some 7am karaoke with our guests!

Nutritional Chefs

The Body Camp Chefs must hold certified nutritional qualifications and preferably holistic certificates in food training based on unprocessed, natural, healing and energy giving foods.

Our chefs must be fun, flexible and comfortable and experienced in delivering 2-3 cookery demo classes per week. You will work in an open kitchen and always be open to answering questions to your cooking and nutritional info from our guests.

Our chefs cook organic where possible, using 80% plant based foods, so experience of working with raw, vegan and healing foods is preferable. If you have a passion for learning and delivering exceptional, beautiful food, please send in your CV and a covering letter and tell us why you would be an amazing part of The Body Camp family. Please also submit a photo of a dish personally designed for The Body Camp, what’s in it and why.

A wicked sense of humour is preferred….

Camp Hosts

The Body Camp Hosts must have a hospitality experience in waitressing and restaurant/kitchen management, massive personal positive energy, a big heart and a huge capacity for caring, empathy and patience to look after our campers along their journey, along with meticulous organisational skills and attention to detail, for a quality service.

The hosts run the show and will look after all The Body Campers, the villa and team to the max. A good knowledge of food and preferably have a very fit, happy and sporty nature.

The Body Camp looks for exceptional people who can foresee problems and connect with people on all levels & being able to have a good laugh with our guests is essential.

Please send your CV and short video clip (1-2 mins) of why you would love to be a part of The Body Camp family.

The Talent.

Healers, dancers, yoga teachers, pilates teachers, therapists, astrologers, coaches,  tour guides, teachers, singers, musicians…

Do you think you can bring something exceptional to people lives, love people and have a little personal magic yourself to share..??

Introduce yourself and let me know what you want to bring to The Body Camp. We’re all ears.


If you want to experience The Body Camp and don’t hold the qualifications we require, we also take on volunteers to learn their trade in personal training, mindful coaching, cookery and hosting.

Send in your CV and when you would be available to participate for 1-2 weeks. You will receive free accommodation and food in return for top quality work experience.

We ask all volunteers have at minimum waitressing and or professional kitchen experience as you will work alongside our chef most of the time.

Please send applications for jobs and volunteers information to:

Good Luck!

Hope to see you soon