The Body Camp Experience

The Island of Mallorca

Your stay your way

Essential’s programme: “All In” for maximum results or “Time Out” afternoons, you decide.

Our team of first-class fitness, food and health professionals have devised a wonderful new relaxed programme in Mallorca. Unlike Ibiza which is a full life transformation “All in” programme and has full group participation all day with smaller intimate groups, here you have a choice designed for those who like the option of a less intense experience.

Our mornings are for the whole team to join in until lunch time, then optional activities in the afternoon.

Groups in Mallorca can range up to 30 people plus day campers and weekend guests.



Play hard, rest hard

At The Body Camp we play hard and rest hard. The afternoons and evenings are devoted to deep relaxation which includes recovery time for yoga, meditation, cookery school and reading (dribbly sleeps around the pool are also popular!).

You can enhance your stay by booking our incredible massages, beauty treatments and alternative therapies throughout the week. Whatever you choose, the experience will help you to reconnect with nature, your emotions, health and happiness and will push you physically further than you thought possible.


Diverse fat burning training

No day will be the same nor training session repeated. Our focus is on intense fat burning activities in the morning and low impact fat burn and recovery in the afternoon.  Your muscle tone will improve, and lean muscle weight gained. Other benefits may be decreased cholesterol and triglycerides (fats in blood), lower blood pressure and resting heart rate.

Cycling & extra training classes can be booked as additions to the programme should you wish to go harder. The gym and studio are open to all our guests day and night.


Exercise, relax and discover the island of Mallorca

Our fun fitness activities are mainly based in the extensive grounds of our boutique hotel; however our hikes and cycling options cover the islands coves and mountains as well as enjoying the vibes of the gorgeous towns and villages. Hiking, mixed fitness circuits, boxing, body resistance, team games, functional movements, stretch, yoga and meditation feature in our weekly plan as well as some surprise classes that are completely different.

Mindfulness will be running through everything we do here as will our essentials mind guide to work from.


Our "no weigh" philosophy

We don’t use weighing scales at The Body Camp, as our focus is on fat loss, fitness, strength and conditioning, new habits,  personal peace of mind and happiness.

There are many reasons why weight fluctuates daily, including salt intake, glycogen stores, hormones and water retention. The number on the scales does not reflect body composition. We will teach you how to achieve a lean body by building muscle and reducing body fat in a healthy, conscious and adaptable way that you can easily put into your daily life at home through food and movement.

Please feel free to take your weight and measurements at home if you wish.

Awesome health and fitness journey

Losing weight is a given at The Body Camp but it’s what you will gain from your time here that is difficult to put into words and very individual to each person. We know that you will have an unforgettable and magical experience. Our aim is that you return home with a better understanding of yourself, your fitness capabilities, food preparation and effects on your wellbeing and the tools to continue your health and fitness journey.

All guests are welcome to bring their own bikes and cycling kit for the afternoons. We will also supply you with a great hire company and cycling guides should you wish to arrange this before you arrive for delivery at the camp.