The Body Camp Experience

Your stay your way

You choose “All In” for maximum results or “Time Out” afternoons.

Our team of first-class fitness, food and health professionals have devised a wonderful ALL IN programme from morning to lunch, then optional activities in the afternoon, which includes life coaching, yoga, meditation, games, walks, HIIT and cookery classes.

Unlike Ibiza, guests can decide if they want “results” by choosing all-in effort or time to kick back and relax in the afternoon. Whatever you choose, the experience will help you to reconnect with nature, your emotions, health and happiness and will push you physically further than you thought possible.

Play hard, rest hard

At The Body Camp we play hard and rest hard, with the evenings devoted to deep relaxation, games, movies, therapies and healing time. You can enhance your stay by booking our incredible massages, beauty treatments and alternative therapies throughout the week.

We also have small animals,  fire pits, musical instruments, games, cinema room, quizzes, movies and books to keep yourselves occupied in the evenings

Diverse fat burning training

We have an extremely diverse fun programme, with brilliant trainers, coaches, chefs, dancers, yoga teachers, meditation guides, masseurs, healers, beauticians and hosts to give you an unforgettable experience.

No day will be the same nor training session repeated. Our focus is on intense fat burning activities in the morning and low impact fat burn and recovery in the afternoon.  Your muscle tone will improve, and lean muscle weight gained. Other benefits may be decreased cholesterol and triglycerides (fats in blood), lower blood pressure and resting heart rate.

Exercise, relax and discover the island of Mallorca

Our fitness activities are mainly based at the extensive grounds of our hotel, but our hikes and cycling options cover the islands coves and mountains as well as enjoying the vibes of the gorgeous towns and villages.

Hiking, mixed fitness circuits, boxing, body resistance, team games,  functional movements, stretch, yoga and meditation feature in our weekly plan, as do early morning walks, a visit to Palma and chances to shop and enjoy the cafes.

Our "no weigh" philosophy

We don’t use weighing scales at The Body Camp, as our focus is on fat loss, fitness, strength and conditioning, fitness and health, personal peace of mind and happiness. We take your full body measurements on arrival and departure to track your inch loss,  if you wish.

There are many reasons why weight fluctuates daily, including salt intake, glycogen stores, hormones and water retention. The number on the scales does not reflect body composition. We will teach you how to achieve a lean body by building muscle and reducing body fat in a healthy,  conscious, adaptable way that you can easily put into your daily life at home.

Awesome health and fitness journey

This is a holiday that is all about you and we guarantee that as well as taking a giant step towards achieving your personal fitness goals, you will make lasting friendships and have an unforgettable fun experience.

What you will gain from your time here is difficult to put into words and very individual to each person. We guarantee that whatever your experience is, it will be one that you will never forget.  Our aim is that you return home with a better understanding of yourself, a new zest for life and the tools to continue your health and fitness journey.