Food at The Body Camp Mallorca

Food Glorious Food

We are thrilled to be bringing our 100% plant-based eating plants Mallorca, which gives you the choice of eating for optimum health for fat loss,  fitness & extra for body building, depending on your personal goals.

Our Food Philosophy:

  • Eat natural, fresh, quality ingredients and cut out all processed sugars, chemicals and additives.
  • Our exclusively designed menu is 100% plant-based. We want to show you how delicious and nutritious a plant-based diet can be.
  • Our menu is created for optimum health, fat loss and to re-train your portion habits.
  • You will eat five times a day, with three meals and two treats.
  • We can add extra protein and larger portions for athletic training, gaining weight and muscle building. We tailor bespoke plans to support your fitness goals.
  • Our nutritional chef personally designs The Body Camp menu and teaches you how to cook our delicious food. You will learn how making small changes can have a positive impact on your health.
  • We cater for food allergies and religious beliefs.

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Sample Menu


Wicked Waffles
Waffles Ben style served with nuts, berries and chocolate cashew cream.

Tofu Scramble with Roasted Tomatoes and Wilted Spinach
Our tasty tofu seasoned with aromatic spices works a treat with sweet slow roasted tomatoes and seasoned wilted spinach.

Smoked Tofu Bacon with Polenta Cake and Hollandaise Sauce
Sticky tofu bacon and deliciously satisfying polenta served with sweet potato hollandaise. Yum.

Roasted Pear and Almond Porridge with Lava Centre
Porridge with a surprise at the centre, topped with almond crumble, berries and a roasted pear.

Raw Superfood Bircher
A yummy blend of oats, maple syrup, maca, cacao powder and vanilla, served with berries. Chocolateylicious!


Baked Falafel with Green Chilli and Mint Pesto
Spicy falafel, served with asparagus and broccoli and a coriander, green chilli and mint pesto.

Corn Tacos with Spicy Tofu and Caramelised Onions
Deliciously decadent yet totally healthy, nachos loaded with tofu cakes and sweet, sticky onion – heaven on a plate.

Red Pepper Wraps with Smoked Tempeh
Not only pretty to look at, these vegetable wraps with tempeh and garlic spinach are sooo yummy.

Sun Burgers with Grilled Aubergine, Probiotic ketchup and Caramelised onions
Sometimes nothing else but a burger will do. These nutty burgers with ketchup, cashew cheese and sweet, sticky onions are super satisfying.

Sweet Potato with Chipotle Walnut Ragu and Basil Yoghurt
The sweetness of the potatoes, with the savoury, nutty ragu and the tangy basil yoghurt is a marriage made in heaven!


Thai Green Curry with Coconut Jasmine Rice
One of our guest’s favourite meals. The colours, fragrant fresh taste and crunch of the vegetables work perfectly with the sticky, coconut, jasmine rice.

Vegetable Lasagne
Another healthy take on a traditional favourite but with The Body Camp’s healthy twist! An aromatic tomato and lentil sauce, with layers of griddled courgette and aubergine with a cashew sour cream and basil pesto.

Wild Mushroom Pizza with Artichoke and Truffle Oil
Buckwheat pizza crusts on a bed of spinach, with a layer of artichoke and truffle oil mash, topped with sautéed oyster, shitake and enoki mushrooms. Who doesn’t love a pizza?

Mushroom Bourguignon
A rich mushroom stew flavoured with red wine and tomatoes, served with cheesy mash and broccoli. Comfort food at its best.

Soba Noodles, Avocado and Tahini Sauce
Fresh and zingy with the scrummy texture of noodles. Another favourite with our guests!


  • Sushi with white miso and ginger dipping sauce
  • Corn tacos with spicy tofu and caramalised onions
  • Almond butter and chocolate fudge
  • Cookie dough and brownie protein balls
  • Rawses pieces
  • Baba ghanoush and crudités
  • Apple pie smoothie
  • Banana, carob and chocolate chip ice cream
  • Cookies and chai spiced, coconut ice cream
  • Greek hummus with roast red pepper and oatcakes
  • Spinach and goats cheese frittata cubes
  • Fresh fruit bowl
  • Mushroom pate on white sesame and pistachio bread
  • Falafel with apple masala sauce
  • Peanut butter snicker smoothie
  • Banana, blueberry and avocado ice-cream
  • Watermelon jerky
  • Mint choc chip balls
  • Granola flapjack