The Four Levels of Accountability


The four levels of accountability are here for your future success!

Accountability is a MASSIVE leverage factor in achieving any kind of success, whether in business or in a wellness and health programme.

In this week’s report, I will explain the four levels which we use at, here in Ibiza, Spain, with our guests.

Here’s where it starts: Level One – with yourself!

Level One: Accountability – SELF

You can become accountable to yourself by:

  1. Setting written goals
  2. Weighing yourself
  3. Measuring body composition
  4. Taking body (circumference) measurements
  5. Taking photographs.
  6. Creating menu plans or tracking nutritional intake in a journal.
  7. Creating workout schedules and tracking training performance in a journal.

Level Two: Accountability – TO ANOTHER

No one is coming to your rescue. Change starts with you. At level 2, you can literally double your motivation.

“If it is to be, it’s up to me.” You have to make that important self commitment. But once you’ve accepted personal responsibility, you can literally double your motivation with this second step. All you have to do is take those journals and written progress reports and show them to an accountability partner on a weekly or even daily basis.

Your support partners could be anyone – friends, family, siblings, neighbors, co-workers or even your internet friends from forums and social networking sites. You can also recruit a professional – a coach, trainer or mentor of some kind. Get your partner’s agreement that he or she will hold you accountable for the daily action steps you must take and the weekly goals you want to achieve. They have to hold you to it or they’re not real accountability partners.

Level three: Accountability – TO A GROUP

Social psychologists have studied group behavior for the better part of a century and myself for the past 20 years.

Not only do all human beings have a deep seated desire to belong and to socialise with like-minded people, there’s a group dynamic that creates a powerful positive pressure that can be applied toward higher levels of achievement. You can take advantage of this positive pressure and social support by joining the right groups.

When discipline is imposed externally and high expectations are set within a group, things get done at a high level. There is also an ego factor involved, (or simply call it an extra “motivational factor”), that makes you want to push harder when others are watching. It’s even more powerful if there are real consequences, either emotional or physical, for not fulfilling the expectations.

Level four: Accountability – PUBLIC

Go public!

By announcing your intentions and posting your results for all the world to see, you add a fourth tier of accountability, that for some people, cinches the deal to the level of FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. Why? Because look at the alternative…. Losing face!

Some people decide to put the power of accountability to work not only by using ALL four levels of accountability, but also by taking a photograph every day and posting it on the web for all the world to see….

Which of the above 4 levels could you use and which will work for you?

By Ricky Parcell

Europe’s No 1 Master Coach

Partner and Programme Creator

Some concepts have been sourced from and this website is definitely worth looking at.


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