Our Team

Kate Whale Founder & Managing Director

Kate (centre) created The Body Camp after falling in love with the concept and spends her time between the UK and Ibiza, travelling the world planning The Body Camp’s next move.

Spending her childhood on a family farm, Kate’s parents moved the  farm to a country pub and turned it into a renowned foodie & live music venue. Her younger brother Ben is also our nutritional exec chef. Kate went on to launch, manage & troubleshot venues across the globe for the next 20 years in boutique hotels, top restaurants, live music, top comedy venues, luxury ski chalets, exclusive private members clubs and backstage Glastonbury.

Deciding to have a complete lifestyle change, Kate took a ridiculous pay cut and took on the management of 2 military fitness boot camp companies, whilst re-training in nutrition and holistic life coaching. Prior to The Body Camp, Kate managed and cooked for groups of 25 guests each week, working and launching lux camps for various companies across the UK, Ibiza, Spain, Morocco and LA.

Having seen flaws in military-style boot camps she moved away from this style & mindset and focussed on a very high fun, positive thinking, holistic approach using physical, mental and practical training in a complete programme to re-educate people on health, fun, weight-loss, food, consciousness, mental health, personal growth & sustainability.

You’ll probably hear Kate before you see her,  as she laughs….a lot.

Rick Parcell Strategic Intervention Coach

Rick is in charge of the Fitness Training and Coaching Programme at The Body Camp. He has recently completed even more training in California with a Tony Robbins Certification and is now in the top 4% of Transformational Coaches on the planet.

Rick believes we all have the answers to our own health problems and have the power to change them. By encouraging people to be conscious and mindful of their habits, Rick gets a high rate of success from his experience as a Master Trainer and Coach, reaching over 40,000 people in his career to date. Prior to The Body Camp, Rick has worked as Lead Trainer/Coach for the top Boot Camps in Europe, as well as leading his own camps in Los Angeles. He has huge success in helping his clients with weight loss, lifestyle changes and fitness aims, enabling them to overcome the blocks that were preventing them from achieving their goals.

Serving 14 distinguished years in the Military, performing in a highly classified role and shaping the futures of many different people has given Rick the experience, insight, discipline and focus, to listen and understand all types of people and their individual problems.

Ten years experience of conscious mind training and the best weight-loss/nutrition courses across the globe give Rick the edge.

He is a dedicated lover of all things American and an 80’s music enthusiast.

Benjamin Whale Nutritional Head Chef

With his sardonic humour and awesome culinary skills, it’s clear to us why Ben is the only man you want in your kitchen.

A professional chef for 12 years, gaining many restaurants rosettes and rave reviews, Ben has re-trained in nutrition, which is now his main focus and has become a highly regarded Plant Based Creative Chef. He believes that every food choice is an opportunity to redirect your health, your body composition, your performance and of course your well being from the inside out. Good food combined with some simple life style changes can really transform your health on all levels.

Having worked over the globe as a private chef, on luxury weight loss retreats, vegan and vegetarian cookery schools. Ben has a multitude of experience and trains with the Chek Institute which he feels gives him and his food a unique and original style that will keep you coming back for more. ..he’s so modest and adored!

Jackie O'Brien Business Manager

Jackie will be your first point of contact when you book your stay at The Body Camp and will ensure that you have all the information that you need to come fully prepared for your time here.

Her main role is to manage the operational side of the business. She has enjoyed a long career working in business management and worked as a consultant prior to The Body Camp, supporting clients in areas such as finance, human resources and social corporate responsibility. Jackie gained valuable experience as Assistant Director of Operations for Manchester Care and Repair, Office Manager for GMAPPS and as a HR Advisor for Plymouth City Council.

Jackie’s passion for health and fitness means that working with the team at The Body Camp is her dream job and we couldn’t function without her.

Hayley Bright Manager Ibiza

Prior to working at The Body Camp, Hayley worked in the health and lifestyle events industry and was a part of the digital health and wellness movement in Australia.

Growing up on a farm in regional Australia, she loves animals and the great outdoors.

Hayley is passionate about customer service and making health and wellness fun and helping people from all walks of life become the happiest versions of themselves. Her personal motto is “Life is better when you’re laughing!”.

Luckily it’s really easy to make Hayley laugh, so we all think we’re hilarious. Hayley will be one of the first people you meet when you arrive in Ibiza. She is very honest, caring & kind, what a little rippa!


Olivia Hamer-Webb Host

Olivia’s background is in Film and Television Makeup and Fine Art.  She is also a keen photographer and has a passion for capturing moments (and obviously uploading them on to Instagram!).

She is a creative soul and loves cooking, painting, reclaiming furniture and cuddling animals. She has always had an interest in Health and Fitness and is a Paleo fan.

Her personal mantra is “enjoy your own little slice of happiness”. She certainly brings a big slice of happiness to The Body Camp with her beaming personality, infectious smile and total natural gorgeousness.

Heather Morris Bookings and Admin Assistant

An indispensable part of our office support team, Heather will help you to book your fitness retreat and is always available to answer your questions by phone or email to ensure that everything runs smoothly throughout your booking.

She’s had a varied career ranging from working in customer services for American Express to accounts at AOL UK, and Monster. Previous to working for The Body Camp, Heather was Assistant Manager in a well known seafood restaurant in Bigbury.

Heather moved from London to south Devon to be by the sea as swimming is her passion. She’s a regular beach goer – walking her dog Bertie and helping to keep Bigbury plastic free by doing beach cleans. She’s creative and enjoys crafting silver jewellery, which is inspired by the coast.


Rebel "Swayze" Yell Parcell

“Born a Prince in the Purple Rain, 11th Jan 2016 in Portinax, Ibiza,

Spotted and bought outside Beatrice cafe in Portinax, March 2016 by his lucky dad.

Became a King of Rock n Roll, 18th Aug 2017.

“The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long.” – Lao Tzu

Rick has today announced Rebel was newly appointed “King Rebel” on Friday 18th August at precisely 4.07pm in San Jordi, Ibiza.

He has now departed to his new kingdom – where he is Rocking n Rolling and being a Rebel somewhere in Heaven 17 – with the king of pop and the big queens of the 80’s (Freddie Mercury, Boy George and George Michael are taking him to the edge of heaven right now as we speak!)

He packed a lifetime of living into 1.6 years and was constantly surrounded, cherished and loved by over 1000 guests from many different places on planet earth in 2016 – 2017. Taken on planes across the world by his father figure to see the kids in America (whoooaaaah) many, many times and time after time. He could be usually found hanging out at one of the Body Camp’s luxury villa’s, listening to fantastic 80’s music, watching classic 1980’s action movies or just being a total rebel to other dogs, chasing fast cars or biting people who disturbed him at night – when he wanted to sleep! (He actually took a bite at two members of Body Camp on his last day and had a fight, for his right, to party!) Rebel without a cause!

He is now resting in peace, in a secret tomb with his girlfriend (a comedy pooh cushion), carefully wrapped in his favourite blanket and basket under an incredible Plum tree, after one of our very kind founders offered a beautiful resting place, at a “Paradise City” garden in Ibiza.

“The King Rebel” requested before he got appointed “King Rebel” that no one ask his dad (Rick Hasslehoff) or any of the team at the Body Camp about him again. Hes not one were going to get over.

His last request was to just remember the gift that he all left us with – pure love and gratitude for everyone and everything on the planet and “tell ‘em that it’s human nature…….”

His final last words were “Ohhhhhh, think twice, it’s just another day for you and me in Paradise” and “With the Rebel yell, he cried More, More, More!!!!!”

The Body Camp Team x

Dude and Sailor The Body Camp's Furry Children


Rebel’s long lost brother….Sailor has just returned from overseas and is somewhat of a pirate. With a taste for over indulging and mutiny when possible, food is never far away but he is working hard on this. As alpha male of his tribe,  Sailor is a silent warrior and protector of the realm, such a huge responsibility makes him worry inside sometimes so he has taught himself the art of zen meditation, he’s also a keen lizard spotter.


Dude loves water, pool bombing, smelly chew’s, all toy’s, stealing guests pants, smiling, the planet, people and cuddles. He is very friendly and a crowd favourite wherever he shows up. He has a strong bond with Sailor because they were both stuck together in a hot pet shop window for 3 week’s in Ibiza. Dude also takes daily siesta classes around the pool.


Rebel’s half sister and desperate Rick addict, she want’s nothing else in life than to be close to Rick and get Sailor to fall in love with her. Code name “sweetgirl” she is possibly the sweetest, sassiest and softess little white creature on the planet. Dont take her sweetness for weakness or she’ll bite your hand off.

Ranjith Chambers Traditional Osteopath & Trainer

Ranjith Chambers is a renowned Traditional Osteopath and Personal Trainer, with clients flying him all over the globe to receive his magical injury relieving treatments and body transformational training systems.

Ranjith grew up in Switzerland and lived in several parts of the world, including South East Asia, where he studied martial arts and traditional healing arts, with a passion and pursuit for the true understanding of the human body. As an ex-athlete, martial artist and gymnast, with over 15 years experience as a top personal trainer, Ranjith went on to work in London specialising in injury rehabilitation, helping to restore his client’s bodies back to full mobility and health.

Ranjith’s desire to help people reach their optimum health is how he came to train in Switzerland and Canada as a traditional osteopath. It is the combination of these two disciplines, which makes his results-fuelled training and treatments so unique.

This is your go-to guy for making all aches, pains and niggles disappear.

Sarmado Sibley Raw Vegan Chef & Coach

Sarmado brings decades of top level experience to the table from his early training in Michelin starred kitchens, through stints where he managed major commercial catering enterprises, to raw and plant-based food coaching for optimal well-being.

You could say his signature dish is a way of eating that’s light on resources but rich in love and goodness, all marinated in a cauldron of centuries-old culinary culture. It’s plant-based and heart-centred gastronomy that’s green, clean and fit for a queen (or king!).

He has worked as a private chef for celebrities, developed raw vegan products for commercial food companies, especially in the Middle East, and trained hundreds of raw foodies in how to prepare great nutrition.

Sarmado is a spiritual soul who combines the power of superfoods with the wisdom of natural medicine on the plateperfectly pitched symphonies that not only taste superb, but do you the power of good, too. All in all, it’s food that’s very much to love and live for!

Victoria Parkes Beauty Guru

Over 20 years of experience and rigorous luxury brand training has allowed Victoria to work with elite clientele who seek expertise, exceptional standards and unparalleled professionalism.

Her exclusively designed treatments, provide the opportunity to relax and renew and utilise her bespoke product range, using only natural ingredients, grown and handmade on the island of Ibiza.

Victoria looks after all The Body Camps beauty therapy needs, from bespoke deep tissue massages to all our pamper packages.

She’s our favourite!

Emma David Yoga Teacher

Irish Native Emma David has been practicing yoga since she was a young teen. She really started to count on yoga to bring her a sense of calm after the death of her parents, and shortly after began recognising the benefits of a regular asana and meditation practice. She found herself feeling more aware, energised, happier and more compassionate. Her many travels to India have also deepened her yoga practice and helped with her teaching.

Emma’s classes are Dynamic Vinyassa Flow. “Yoga is a great tool for self -enquiry, and as an instructor I encourage my students to turn their focus inward during their practice to become aware of meditation in motion”.

Emma is one of the most beautiful, calm, kind souls we have ever met, we are all a little bit in love with her.


Amanda Matalavea The Body Camp Concierge (Bespoke -Ibiza)

Amanda knows Ibiza inside out! She is connected with the movers and shakers in the island and has her own excluisive VIP concierge company (Bespoke-Ibiza).

Amanda will be your go to woman on any activities or enquiries outside of the camp. With a diverse background, from working in the financial world to teaching dance, she is a passionate lover of life with boundless energy.

Originally from New Zealand but lived in the UK for nearly 14 years before moving to Ibiza. She looks forward to sharing with you all that Ibiza has to offer on every level.

A great passion for health and fitness and a networking queen, Amanda has a  deep spiritual connection with the island and all the magic it holds!

Faye Reason Healer

Faye is a highly intuitive holistic therapist, using a combination of developed reiki techniques and applied indigenous wisdom. Her treatments leave clients feeling elevated, blissed-out and ‘together again’. They help to bring a person back into a soft state of calm and balance.

Sessions can bring about an energetic release, often bringing insight, physical healing and inspired creative thought. A session consists of gentle ‘hands on’ body-work that is non-invasive and suitable for all ages. After the session Faye advises you on where there may be certain blocks or tensions in your body and the possible reasons why.

We think Faye brings a bit of magic to people and an experience everyone should feel.

Elaine Mary Collins Intuitive Guidance and Heart Centred Healer

Elaine is an experienced Tarot Card reader and has 40 years experience of providing highly intuitive and personal readings for her clients, aided by her spiritual helpers or her “team unseen”, as she calls them.  Her studies, travels and personal experience have enabled her to develop a strong core of spiritual knowledge and understanding, which she uses to provide a caring and sensitive service.

Elaine will work with you to give you an overview of where you are in life at this moment and will provide greater insight, clarity and healing in order to help you break through previous patterns, inspiring you to master situations and to get back on track or even take a new one. She “opens up the bigger picture, so that you have a greater understanding of your personal journey.”

Elaine says “my style is down to earth mysticism, with a loving, warm and supportive approach.”

Emmanuelle Passes Craniosacral Therapist

Emmanuelle trained in the UK and France and has run successful practices in London, Paris and Ibiza for over 20 years.

Craniosacral therapy is an off shoot of osteopathy. It is a gentle, non invasive and powerful hands on therapy that benefits whole body health, treats a multitude of conditions such as headaches, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and is particularly good in treating and healing neck and back problems.

Combining a holistic approach to the body, mind and spirit, Emmanuelle will address the structural, the nervous system and the emotional aspects of the body, thus identifying blockages in the spine, fascia and nervous system, to softly yet deeply release tensions, muscles and emotions throughout. Her intuitive understanding of the emotional causes of physical pain helps her to coach her clients to enable them to look at their lives, to take small steps to change damaging habits and to move forward in a positive and health conscious way.

Gini Scott Relexologist

Gini is a trained Clinical Reflexologist, her treatments can be used to target specific conditions or stimulate the body’s own systems to improve and sustain health. She uses a holistic approach taking into account lifestyle factors in addition to physical symptoms in order to support a long term approach to retaining balance.

Gini is trained to the UK’s highest standard, Centralia Reflexology Mastership; treatments can also include hand and ear reflexology.

She’s fab!

Elizabeth Walker Sports Massage Therapist

With over 10 years experience working as a Sports Massage Therapist and with a background in personal training, Elizabeth brings a uniquely holistic approach to Sports Massage Therapy. Her clients range from professional athletes to those needing post operative rehabilitation.

Elizabeth uses a combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques, myofascial release and PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretches to treat both symptom and root cause and leaving you feeling re-energised and re-balanced.

Want your body restored – this is your woman…

Francesca Chantell Manager Ibiza

Our Frankie is back! 

Currently an international model and taking the London corporate scene by storm, Frankie is always drawn back to her second family at The Body Camp Ibiza, her love for personal training, people, health and fitness & always game for a laugh, keeps her wanting more…

 Frankie brings her no nonsense endless positive energy, fun, freckles and her infamous Frankie special workouts to The Body Camp programme.

 Franks is a more than welcome addition to the family. She is an absolute babe.

Lara Dunleavy Host & Beauty Therapist UK-IBIZA

The original dream team is back together, with the gorgeous Lara joining us again in 2018.

Lara joined us for our very first camp for a 6 week total lifestyle transformation. Having caught the bug for health and fitness she has continued on her health and fitness journey!

She is here to ensure all our guests have the best possible experience in both the UK and Ibiza. Having been through the camp as a guest herself, and losing over 44lbs, she provides understanding, gentle motivation and support. Trained as a top beauty therapist and make-up artist and specialising inhigh end facial treatments, Lara is in demand by her London clients. She is also on hand to help pamper you throughout the week.

Lara is an absolute sweetheart and trains like a beast!

Leanna Plant Yoga Teacher

Drawing on almost 20 years worth of experience, Leanna’s dedication to what she does means that she is continuously learning, working closely with her inspirational mentors.  Combining the wealth of knowledge and skills she gains from these collaborations, Leanna shapes her classes to be grounded, playful and creative, with intuitively bold intentions.

Leanna’s yoga style harmoniously blends the yogic traditions of Hatha, with the dynamic-rhythm of Vinyasa and the grounded-freedom of Scaravelli.  Combining this powerful yet primal flow with an educated knowledge of anatomy, a passion for music, dance and nutrition supports the foundations for a truly holistic and dynamic approach to yoga.

We feel privileged to have Leanna on our team.

Isabel Manso Meditation and Yoga Teacher

Isabel has been teaching yoga and meditation for over ten years in the U.S. and in Spain.  She completed her instructor training in Los Angeles, studying Vinyasa yoga and Therapeutics.  In 2008, Isabel travelled to India to study Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga and deepen her meditation practice. She furthered her training in Esalen, California and also facilitates private and group Gestalt sessions.

Isabel believes that we should be inclusive with every feeling, experience or person that comes into our lives – tools that help us to be present and grounded in our bodies, to live the life that is here.

Our guests are in for a treat with this special teacher.

Cassius Powell Dance Coach & Fitness Trainer

Cass found the sass from a young age when he would perform Chain Reaction to his parents in their living room. His Mum harnessed that energy and enrolled him in modern and tap lessons at the age of three. He’s been dancing non-stop ever since and has just featured as the cover model of The Guardian body supplement!

Cassius has taught classes across London for a number of corporate clients including Arcadia Group, Google and Lululemon. He also personally trains clients.

His ethos is all about fun, ‘If you can laugh at yourself and still bring the fire, you’re winning!’

Sapphire Ramon Brown Breath work & Yoga Teacher

Blessed to have been born in Ibiza with Ibicenco-Canadian parents, Sapphire was totally influenced by the sun, sand and sea of the Island which had a huge impact on her love of synchronized swimming (competing at a national level). This lead her on her path to yoga where she practiced for many years around the world, ultimately completing her teacher training in India. It was in Bali where she went to practice even more yoga, that she stumbled unknowingly upon breathwork.  During that first class, Sapphire knew she had to spread the word and share the magic of this practice. She is dedicated to holding space for others to heal and for transformations to occur within them.

Elouise Daniel Nutritional Sous Chef

Leith’s trained chef, Elouise, has adored cooking and it’s limitless creative possibilities since she was a tiny girl. Her passion for learning and creating delicious food has lead her to a varied selection of jobs in which she’s been able to travel, taste new flavours and textures, whilst cooking intimately or on a large scale, whilst working with inspiring people. A great respect for the ingredients used, seasonality and sustainability is something she has been trained to understand and practice sensitively.

Elouise has been brought up understanding holistic values and the role of people in taking responsibility for their own health and well-being. Her priority now is to train in Plant Based Cuisine, which she believes is crucial for the health of people and the sustainability of the planet. She is over the moon to be supporting Ben and Sarmado in producing their exquisite food as the next part of her culinary journey!