The Body Camp Experience


Lasting changes to help you be the best you can be

There are so many reasons to come and experience The Body Camp.  We help you make lasting changes enabling you to be the best you can be to boost your confidence, self-esteem, health, fitness and happiness in an extremely fun environment. You will leave feeling leaner, healthier and an overall sense of well-being, plus new friends for life!

We focus on maximum results without over training, whilst having the feeling of a fun holiday. Our team of first-class fitness, food and health professionals have devised an “all in” programme, which includes our renowned Life Transformation Mind Training programme, to benefit your mind, body and soul. This will help you to reconnect with nature, your emotions, health and happiness whilst pushing you beyond all you thought possible, physically and mentally.

Our fitness activities are based around the whole island, so you will discover the hidden beaches, coves and mountains as well as enjoying the vibes of the gorgeous towns and villages. Hiking and daily meditation feature in our weekly plan, as do early morning walks, a visit to the old town and chances to shop and enjoy the cafes.

We talk about fun a lot because this is the golden thread running through everything that we do. We take what we do seriously, but firmly believe that there is no better tonic than laughter and fun with like-minded people.

Our Iconic Ibiza program is where to go when you’re ready to fully submerge yourself into life change, it will lift you up and make you feel strong, back in control and give you new tools for life. You just need to take an open mind,  an open heart and be ready to open up to learn and express yourself.

Relax and play on the beautiful island of Ibiza

Set in a rural hotel in the north of the beautiful island of Ibiza, the quirky accommodation and breath-taking setting will get your holiday off to an exciting start.

At The Body Camp we play hard and rest well, so our daily activities run from 7am – 5pm (depending on sun rise and weather) with the evenings devoted to deep relaxation and healing time and a full menu of holistic and beauty treatment have been handpicked for you to fully treat yourself and recover in the evenings.

Delicious and nutritious food

Our delicious food is central to everything that we do at The Body Camp. Our head chef and nutritionist has designed our delicious, plant-based menu with no sugar, wheat, gluten, additives or chemicals designed for a body detox that will also aid weight loss (or gain if you are on our building plan) and is so nutritionally dense that you won’t feel hungry.

There will be cookery workshops, smoothies of the day, soothing herbal teas and lots of ideas on mindful eating and portion control.

Diverse fun fat burning training programme

We have an extremely diverse, fun programme, with brilliant trainers, coaches, chefs, dancers, yoga teachers, meditation guides, masseurs, healers, beauticians and hosts to give you an unforgettable experience.

No day will be the same nor training session repeated. Our focus is on intense fat burning activities in the morning and toning recovery in the afternoon.  Your muscle tone will improve, and lean muscle weight gained. Other benefits  decreased cholesterol, triglycerides (fats in blood) lower blood pressure and resting heart rate.


Life coaching programme

Core to the Ibiza Body Camp experience is our Life Transformation Programme which has been designed by Rick Parcell, our Head Trainer and qualified Strategic Intervention Coach.

The course will empower you to maximise your potential, make life changes and achieve your goals. This mind/soul programme has been made optional in the afternoons,  so those in for the full life changing empowering ride are fully submersed by their own choice. Remember everything we offer here is for you to grab and get as much as you need, it’s up to you. If you would like to skip that, maybe you feel you don’t need it or it’s too much for you right now, then take extra hours in the afternoon to sunbathe or have treatments or extra PT sessions – that’s also your choice…

Whether you are at a crossroad in life or are looking to build new habits, this afternoon group session gives you the time and space to think about what you want and how to make it happen. This takes place in a confidential and safe environment, guided by an experienced practitioner.

Our "no weigh" philosophy

We don’t use weighing scales at The Body Camp. Our focus is on fat loss, personal peace of mind and happiness. We take your full body measurements on arrival and departure to track your inch loss.

Years of experience has shown us that reliance on weighing scales can have negative effects. There are many reasons why weight fluctuates daily such as salt intake and water retention. The number on the scales does not reflect body composition. We will teach you how to achieve a lean body by building and toning muscle and reducing fat.

If you want to measure your weigh yourself, please feel free to do this at home.

The journey

This is a holiday that is all about you and we guarantee that as well as taking a giant step towards achieving your personal fitness goals, you will make lasting friendships and have an unforgettable fun experience.

Losing weight is a given at The Body Camp Ibiza but it’s what you will gain from your time here that is difficult to put into words and very individual to each person. We know that you will have an unforgettable and magical experience. Our aim is that you return home with a better understanding of yourself, a new zest for life and the tools to continue your health and fitness journey.