The Body Camp Programme

Our Iconic Life Transformational Programme Ibiza


Typical Day 1

07.15 Rise & shine, tea time chats & tunes
07.30 Nature walk/run workout
08.30 Breakfast with teas and organic coffee
09.30 Team games & fitness testing
10.30 Superfood smoothie
11.00 Arnold’s weight training session
12.30 Lunch & pool time
14.30 Cookery demo & treats
15.30 Breaking habits group talk
16.15 The disco villa circuit
17.00 Yoga & guided blissful meditation
18.30 Dinner
19.30 Massages/healing Sessions

Typical Day 2

07.15 Rise & shine, tea time chats & tunes
07.30 Morning walk/run workout
08.30 Breakfast with tea and organic coffee
09.30 Body toning poolside
10.30 Treats & cookery demo
11.00 Mixed weight circuit
12.30 Lunch & siesta
13.30 Glorious country hike or beach session
16.30 Life coaching on habits
17.15 Guided meditation
17.45 Chill time
18.30 Dinner
19.30 Massage/healing/music quiz

Just one week spent with us, will see you well on the way to a healthier, happier, lighter life.

The Body Camp Two Week Programme

Experience has shown us what can be achieved by coming to The Body Camp for a two-week plan. Over a period of 14 days, you can define your health and fitness goals and make lasting positive changes.

Life Blast 1 week

Best for an all over body blast – you will lose weight, gain lean muscle, enjoy a huge fitness kick and generally feel happier and healthier. You will also be more emotionally and spiritually connected as a lot of the work helps you become more in control of your habits of behaviour.

One week’s hard work and commitment (along side a lot of fun!) at The Body Camp show results which are the equivalent of eight weeks following a plan at home. 

Habit Change 2 weeks

With the initial week’s progress under your belt and a day of rest and play, you can attack the next week and further sculpt and strengthen your body, fix eating plans into your home/work/life schedules and leave feeling lighter, happier and in control. This is the week where you will really be able to re-programme your eating habits to focus on positive habit changes and feel your body respond to being healthier, with a speedier recovery time.