Be A Frog!

Why do we never see a frog in a car park?

So, if you were a frog – where would your POND of choice be?

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How To Get Your Mojo Back!

Life throws at us all many challenges and it’s all too easy to lose your mojo. Many guests who spend a week with us quickly recover from setbacks they have experienced in the past and bounce back. There are many ways people rediscover their mojo at The Body Camp! Read more >

The Left Or Right Path?

In this week’s blog, we are going to look at how we can make better decisions around food, alcohol and other events which happen to us in life. Read more >

10 Reasons to Practise Tai Chi

Tai chi is “Meditation is motion” which involves deep breathing and combined with slow, focused moves.
Originally designed for self defense, tai chi comes from China. Its a non competitive, self paced system of gentle movements and stretching. Read more >

How Our Beliefs Shape Our Lives

We all believe in things, ranging from Father Christmas when we are children, to God or a religion perhaps, when we become adults.

Beliefs and what we believe, in different areas of our life – create our DECISIONS, on a daily basis. Read more >

Surf’s Up: The Brain Waves

Our brain is an incredible computer, which – when used in the correct fashion – can achieve just about anything! Becoming aware of the brain waves we experience can lead to a new understanding of how to tap into the mind’s power and unleash its potential.

Today, in this blog from, we will find out what its like to ride each of the brain waves and breakdown what they mean to us when we surf them….

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Mind Map for Success

What is your definition of success? Where does it lead to and what path are you on? What obstacles are going to be in your way? How will you respond? What’s your “response-ability” like to outside events along the road? Here at in Ibiza, one of the many things we look at in the first few days is a “Mind Map”. This guide for your brain will help you to success for the year.

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Escaping Victim Thinking

At in Ibiza we are very privileged to meet many guests from various different countries. People soon realise the importance of taking ownership of their life and how they make key decisions – especially after our mindful talks on behaviour. They begin to understand that blaming external events or other people for the way they feel is pointless as these factors are all out of their sphere of control. Bottom line, only you control the way you feel and not understanding that is called “Victim Thinking”.

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