Be A Frog!

Why do we never see a frog in a car park?

So, if you were a frog – where would your POND of choice be?

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How To Get Your Mojo Back!

Life throws at us all many challenges and it’s all too easy to lose your mojo. Many guests who spend a week with us quickly recover from setbacks they have experienced in the past and bounce back. There are many ways people rediscover their mojo at The Body Camp! Read more >

No More Boring Workouts

No more boring workouts! Need to spice it up?

Are you tired of doing the same old run, lifting the same old weights the same old boring way and not seeing a change in your body? Read more >

The Ten Benefits of Exercising In A Cooler Climate

In today’s blog from we look at 10 major benefits of spending a week exercising in cooler temperatures in the UK, now available at our Heart Core Retreat, from the 3rd to 24th February, on our private island near London….

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11 Benefits of Exercise In The Summer Months

The top 11 Benefits of exercise outdoors in the summer months…..

At  we are the earliest retreat to open in Ibiza (Mar – Oct) each year. This is due to a high demand for our fun and challenging weeks from guests all across the world. One concern a small minority have about attending the camp in the summer is the heat. This is never a problem because we use it in an intelligent way.

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Latin Dance Class Video

One of our most popular sessions at The Body Camp, you can’t fail to have a good time at one of Ali’s dance classes. Joining in will make you feel alive and bring a big smile to your face. She always picks the best music too. Go on, try it at home….

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