The Best Plant Based Protein Sources

In today’s blog, we are looking at plant based protein sources.

At The Body Camp our nutrition plan is 80% plant based and 20% chicken and fish – dairy and sugars are also replaced with natural alternatives, such as almond/coconut milk. Why? Because we find with this type of nutrition, most people do not have any reactions or allergies to it and secondly, the plant based diet plan, (for example – unlike juicing for 7 days) is easily transferable and sustainable in everyday life. Read more >

10 Reasons to Eat a High Plant Based Diet.

At www.thebodycamp.com, 80% of our delicious nutrition that we serve to 20 guests every week, is plant based. We include protein from chicken, fish, eggs and a little goats milk dairy (better than cows milk). We also replace cow’s milk with nut milks. This is because we believe being as close as you can to natural food, natural exercise and close to nature is what life is all about! Here are 10 reasons why a mainly plant based diet and getting closer to nature works. Read more >