Escaping Victim Thinking

At www.thebodycamp.com in Ibiza we are very privileged to meet many guests from various different countries. People soon realise the importance of taking ownership of their life and how they make key decisions – especially after our mindful talks on behaviour. They begin to understand that blaming external events or other people for the way they feel is pointless as these factors are all out of their sphere of control. Bottom line, only you control the way you feel and not understanding that is called “Victim Thinking”.

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Pain IS Growth

In today’s blog, we will cover pain, what it actually means and how, sometimes, pain can be growth. After all, good judgement comes from experience and experience often comes from bad judgement. Forgive yourself, learn a lesson and move forward…

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Latin Dance Class Video

One of our most popular sessions at The Body Camp, you can’t fail to have a good time at one of Ali’s dance classes. Joining in will make you feel alive and bring a big smile to your face. She always picks the best music too. Go on, try it at home….

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