The Ten Benefits of Exercising In A Cooler Climate


In today’s blog from we look at 10 major benefits of spending a week exercising in cooler temperatures in the UK, now available at our Heart Core Retreat, from the 3rd to 24th February, on our private island near London….

Here are the 10 most important benefits of experiencing a cool climate for our fitness retreat and why we know anyone can achieve amazing results in just one week…

  1. Reduce SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

It’s a well known fact that People in WINTER get SAD (seasonal affective order). Getting outside and taking part in winter training, with a fantastic group of fun people, for different fun workouts, will help you soak up the beauty of nature and release endorphins. This boosts your mood and wards off symptoms of depression, whilst combating the effects of little sunshine on the mind and body during November and December, especially vitamin D.

  1. New Training Options and Styles of Workout!

The winter weather opens up new options for training and enables everyone to push themselves harder. It can be much more difficult working out in the heat of the summer, than in the great outdoors in cooler climates, especially in the stunning scenery of Osea Island.

  1. Cooler Weather Training Gets You Greater Health Gains!

The cardiovascular system is pushed further in cooler climates and therefore gets greater gains. This is because the cardio system is forced to warm the whole body up and increase the blood flow to all the working muscles and the heart and lungs.

  1. You Burn More Fat!

In cooler climates the body is forced into keeping its core temperature warm!  As the body does this, our metabolism is raised and the body burns much more fat reserves, than in warmer weather. Also when the warmer weather comes, you will feel much more fitter and stronger, especially in the mind, after working out in the cooler climates of the UK.

  1. A Head Start In The Battle Of Getting Into Shape After Christmas and Holidays….!

By hitting the ground running in February at the beginning of the year, you will be helping the mind and body get into good habits and stay focused in the quest to be healthy after the new year.

  1. Set New Goals And Visualise For The New Year!

At The Body Camp we also focus on the mind and the body…we create realistic new exciting goals for the year and support you to create what you want to achieve – in supportive workshops every day.

  1. It’s Refreshing And Wonderful To Be Outdoors With New Friends!

Workouts outdoors in nature is invigorating. The air is crisp, sun bright and the trees look incredible. The island we have this year is famous for being the only place in the UK that has five types of owls living there! Experiencing the island with a new group of friends for life is life changing.

  1. It Will Make You Mentally And Physically Tough!

Exercise outdoors in cooler climates creates a mentally stronger mindset for the future and the rest of the year. After spending a week at the camp you will realise that you can workout any time, anywhere and anyhow – the island experience will provide many new ideas for you to take away!

  1. Reduce Risk Of Injury For The Rest Of The Year And Build The Base!

By exercising and starting your year the correct way and building up good levels of health and fitness, you build up a “fitness base” for the rest of the year. You will leave Osea Island safe in the knowledge that you have built a foundation of health at the beginning of 2018.

  1. Increased Blood Flow Around The Body And Reduced Inflammation Around The Joints!

Exercising in a cooler climate promotes increased blood flow around the working muscles, due to the fact that warm ups are much more fun and intense. Furthermore, the cold after exercise can reduce swelling around the joints, as the body turns on it’s internal heaters as soon as you walk back inside – thus producing an incredible glow and after burn for the whole body and skin.

Have a look at dates on for our private island retreat in February…..the benefits are clear to see!

Rick Parcell

Strategic Intervention Coach

The Body Camp


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