The Key 6 Areas of Focus for a Healthy life in 2019.


In today’s blog from www.thebodycamp.com, we are looking at the ONLY key areas to enjoy a happier and healthy life in 2019. As we become older it becomes more challenging to determine THAT to focus on regarding health.

There are only 6 key areas that play a large part in living a long and healthy life.


Our thoughts control every decision and everything we choose to eat and drink on a moment to moment basis. When we can learn to observe our thoughts and understand the feelings they create, we can begin to consciously take control of our decision making process around food, life and exercise.


We breathe 20,000 times a day. The breath is the gateway to reducing stress, feeling good and feeding the body critical nutrients needed to function correctly. What would happen if you introduced more breathwork and yoga into your life?


Eating smaller portions, more plant-based foods, reducing meat consumption, mindfully and more consciously will enable the mind to think clearly, improve concentration levels and focus on what’s important in our life. The body will also benefit from a 90% plant-based diet with 10% of your food going towards pure enjoyment and “treat” foods.


The body is 70% water and therefore must always be given water at regular intervals during the day. Reducing alcohol intake and increasing water consumption aids the body in the process of waste products from the system and supports the mind with our all important concentration levels and hydration.


Increasing our movement patterns is essential to living a healthy life. There are many knock-on effects e.g. better food choices made after exercising, lower body fat levels, improved sleep and blood flow, increased flexibility/range of movement and reduced stress levels.


Sleep, meditation, stretching and being are all fantastic ways of getting rest. Stress levels are reduced when we pay attention to rejuvenation and recovery daily, especially helpful when dealing with the constant events with occur and happen to us in life.

Pay attention to the above 6 key areas in 2019 and see and feel the difference!

Rick Parcell

Master Strategic Intervention Coach



7 comments on “The Key 6 Areas of Focus for a Healthy life in 2019.

  1. Jackie O'Brien on

    Wow that is amazing Audrey – well done. The power of the group when you come to stay is such a big part of The Body Camp experience. We look forward to seeing you in September. Mallorca this year??

  2. Audrey on

    I loved my time at The Bodycamp with you guys. It gave me the kick in the ass I needed.
    I have since lost 2stone and work out 5 times a week and love it. For me it was not just you guys who inspired me but the group I was with and their inspiring words.
    My aim is to go back and run up those steps at Benni Beach. (Many times)
    See ya all in September guys xx 💋

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