The Body Camp Programme

The Body Camp Programme - Sample Days

The Body Camp programme runs for seven days and nights. Anyone booking for more than one week, gets designated days off, for full recovery and holiday time. During that break you can explore the island’s beautiful beaches, shopping and spas.

Typical Day 1

07.15am Rise & Shine Tea Time & Tunes
07.30am Nature walk/run workout
08.30am Breakfast with fresh infused teas and organic coffee
09.30am Team games & fitness testing
10.30am Superfood smoothie
11.00am Arnolds weight training session
12.30pm Lunch & pool time
14.30pm Cookery demo & treats
15.30pm Breaking habitsĀ groupĀ talk
16.15pm The disco villa circuit
17.00pm Yoga & guided blissful meditation
18.30pm Dinner
19.30pm Massages/Healing Sessions

Typical Day 2

07.15am Rise & shine tea time & tunes
07.30am Morning walk/run workout
08.30am Breakfast with tea and organic coffee
09.30am Body toning poolside
10.30am Treats & cookery demo
11.00am Mixed weight circuit
12.30pm Lunch & siesta
13.30pm Glorious country hike or beach session
16.30pm Life coaching
17.15pm Guided meditation
17.45pm Chill time
18.30pm Dinner
19.30pm Massage/Healing/Music Quiz

Just one week spent with us, will see you well on the way to a healthier, happier, lighter life.


The Body Camp Two Week Programme

Experience has shown us that a lot can be achieved in coming to The Body Camp for a two week plan. Over a period of 14 days, you can define your health and fitness goals and make lasting positive changes. It is an opportunity to focus on yourself to create a fitness lifestyle that then becomes part of your daily routine.

We don’t recommend that you stay for more than two weeks at a time. We have found that after this period, our guests are keen to go home and put what they have learnt into practice. You can then return for weekly top ups, as and when is needed.

Life Blast 1 week
Best for an all over body blast, you will drop excess weight, gain lean muscle, enjoy a huge fitness kick, all over tone and detox, feel happier and healthier and enjoy a great fun experience.

Habit change 2 weeks
With the initial week’s progress under your belt and two days rest/play, you can attack the next week and further sculpt your body, fix eating plans into your home/work/life schedules and leave feeling lighter, happier and in control. This is the week where you will really be able to re-programme your eating habits to focus on positive habit changes.